Trey Gowdy Just Cleared The Air! Vindicated Trump, Sends Adam Schiff Packing!

by Thinker

Wake up America, the lies and the truth are colliding, but truth seems to be a nose ahead at the moment. Trey Gowdy hasn’t met Donald Trump yet, but waiting for that moment, but the removal of Adam Schiff is yet another move by Trump on transparency and truth. When it comes to Putin, Trump did what no other president has done for decades….communicate with words and not with the Bush “rule of law” and bomb without thought. Trump continues to show by words and actions, that he means what he says. Americans have been at war and bombing for so much, the peace talks with Trump and Putin frighten those who have lived off of war dollars forever!

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Why do Trey Gowdy and Trump seem to be caught changing their minds and contradicting themselves from time to time? Could it be mind to skull technology being used to help them make decisions they might or might not make under their own thoughts? How much do you know about the technology that could make you say or do something you didn’t want? How much of this technology is being used on the Trump administration, and family? Was Donald Trump Jr. mind controlled to leave his wife? How does the deep state get back at Trump? A change in their lives destroying one family at a time?

Until Donald Trump understands and is informed about the weapon that threatens him, his family, and all citizens in the United States, then anything can happen. Currently there are no steps being made to protect the first family from the directed energy that can change your life in a minute. Hillary Clinton didn’t win, and there will be more funds needed to keep everything going for deep state to win. Former Air Force Veteran Michael Braden opening the mind of the president, to the threat he and many around the world are under for wanting transparency and truth.


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