Trey Gowdy & Trump Families Get the Satanic Deep State Spygate Mind Altering Agenda

by Thinker

What spygate opens up, is the existence of nonhumans that have shared the planet with humans for decades. Not all look like humans, and like humans there are the good and the bad. Anyone who takes time to look into the history of their own nation or any other will find story after story to validate humans don’t exist on the planet Earth by themselves. Much of the technology from the non human entities has been kept away in Area 51 and other areas as history written says. Lies have grown and finally the mountains of them are starting avalanches of truth. There are citizens that are being attacked all over the world in mind, body, and spirit by those who don’t want peace, unity, or the joining of “All” people spiritually under the Creator.

Are Trump and Gowdy making a weird decisions? Are they being secretly attacked like so many other Americans without their knowledge? Why not? Deep state didn’t have a problem listening in, and when winners have to take a lose, you find out most of the time they don’t handle it well. Targeting the United States president and members of Congress is a felony and Trump is getting closer to finding out that what has been done to him and Gowdy goes beyond the code of ethics!

Targeted Individuals know it as Organized Gang Stalking; Gang Stalkers call it “The Game” or “The Games”. It is ancient, and secret societies (such as the Freemasons) are still being used to gather intelligence, Gang Stalk, and target and terrorize any individual perceived to have integrity, as righteous individuals are considered impossible to predict, control, or corrupt; they also have a special destiny. Targeted Individuals of the Bible were targeted by the same Gang Stalking Program that you as an Elect Saint of the End Time are today.

In recent times, secret societies have engineered “intelligence agencies” in order that the ancient persecutory system can masquerade under the names of various covert operations carried out in the modern age, interfacing the existing ancient components of infiltration, discrediting campaigns, noise campaigns, street theater, directed conversations, frame-ups, set-ups, poisoning, and witchcraft with technology (electronic surveillance and harassment such as V2K [Voice to Skull] and “slow kill” weapons such as microwave weapons and electromagnetic weapons, and quantum computer controlled nanotechnology and trauma-based mind control), thereby streamlining their Satanic methods.

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However, the technological aspect of Targeting is relatively minor, as it is largely a supernatural phenomenon, and the concept of a modern “black op” essentially amounts to a disinformational whitewash to keep Targeted Individuals from discovering the ultimately spiritual nature of this covert war; lower-level Satanists use tech to surveil, gather intel, and attack, while higher-level ones use “familiar” spirits (demons). While it is true that The Program Matrix (also known as Gang Stalking, Stalking by Proxy, and Covert War) works through secret courts within the shadow legal system here on Earth, Targeting originates in the Heavenly Courts. Satan is a legalist, he gets away with persecuting Christians via gang stalking in this spiritual battle of principalities just the same as he does in worldly matters—legally. Rather than break laws, Satan uses legal loopholes that depend upon our ignorance of the law.

If you are a Targeted Individual, this means that Satan has filed a lawsuit against you in the Heavenly Courts. God is allowing this loophole in order to put The Elect through the Refiner’s Fire so that it may serve as your spiritual catalyst and cross to co-carry with Jesus, your responsibility as an End Time Saint. According to the Bible, the Adversary has identified you as an elect Christian of a lost Hebraic bloodline (“lost sheep” of every color and shade) who is thus destined to be transformed into one of the Judging Angels who will judge the Adversary and other the Fallen Angels who follow him; this is why you’ve been Targeted.


How have the loses of the U.S. presidential election treated President Trump who was laughed at all the way through the campaign by deep state pedophiles? Guess whose having the last laugh? Shouldn’t count the chickens until they hatch, HILLARY LOST! Federal Judge released 1.2 Million documents Obama-Clinton deep state scandals just exposed. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s corr.upt.ion and syndicate start to heat up and produce results, a “tsunami of information” which is about to further expose the Deep State.


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