Trey Gowdy’s Replacement Was Just Announced – Gowdy Next U. S. Attorney General?

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by Thinker

As I continue to say, the content of the character is easy to see when your a politician or come with an old name, and with Trey Gowdy there isn’t any difference. A congressman who came to Washington D.C. and one of the few with “HISTORY” that speaks for itself as to the type of man Trey Gowdy is. For those who want to put this man down, more than likely it would be the envy of not being what Gowdy is, a man with honor, integrity, Holy Spirit, and Universe behind him!!! Most Americans don’t even know who South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is, and I didn’t either until a couple of years ago. Mainstream media won’t write about the politicians that expose corruption in Washington D. C., and that’s what Trey Gowdy did.

His job was to show the evidence and just cause for a trial and for convictions. Once the hearings and evidence were done, it would be up to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to proceed with a trial. How many cases of corruption did Trey Gowdy have hearings on and how many government organizations had questionable actions??? I had to go all the way back to 2011 and watch the hearing of Trey Gowdy in D. C.. Who needs television when you’ve got some of the best real life unedited shows in every Gowdy hearing!!! From the Eric Holder “Fast & Furious” where Gowdy exposed the 2000 gun illegally taken across the border under Holder’s watch. What was Gowdy’s reward for exposing conspiracy against the citizens of Mexico and the United States??? He had to resign and someone else gave him a job. Crime without time!!!

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Then you’ve got the Gowdy hearings where DHS let over 19,000 convicted illegal felon out of U.S. prisons and under the Obama/Clinton administration, they released these rapist, robber, crooks, back onto the streets of America…ORDER OUT OF CHAOS!!! While thousands of Americans are locked away in the prison for profits system for having hemp, real criminals are released and they aren’t American. Once again, for all Gowdy’s efforts, the Obama/Clinton DOJ, looked the other way. Millions of tax dollars spent to investigate, have hearings, present evidence, only to have the DOJ say…”NOT TODAY.”

All an American has to do is take the time to go and watch “ALL” of the hearings of Trey Gowdy to see the corruption that happened under the Obama/Clinton helm and then you’ll be able to understand the rage of Donald Trump. The only people who want to remove Donald Trump from office, are the people many who go off under Obama/Clinton, that fear the “TRUTH” will catch up to them. Crimes against humanity and the American people by Trey Gowdy and justice wasn’t served by the DOJ!!!

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The people need politicians like Trey Gowdy in Washington and in leadership positions setting good and honest examples for those below to follow. Having an U.S. Attorney General who has a history of being honest and not bias would “Make America Great Again” and the government. It would be a shame for Trump to let one of the “BEST” leave his dynasty. It’s clear by his history, Trump can trust Gowdy and they are on the same side.


If there were more politicians like Trey Gowdy, there wouldn’t be a divided America, but a united America!!! Truth, Honor, Justice Denied one of the greatest men to serve the American people. No one held accountable for their crimes under the Obama/Clinton administration, but it wasn’t for lack of evidence!!!


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