Trick or Treat: First Charges in the Russia Probe are a Bad Joke

by Chris Black

With Paul Manafort now being arrested along with his protégé Rick Gates by Robert Mueller, and indicted by a Grand Jury on 12 criminal counts (in particular conspiracy against United States and to launder money, tax/wire fraud etc.) thus potentially facing life in jail, we now have to ask the obvious question: why is Robert Mueller and his team leaking to the Clinton News Network? CNN announced on Friday that indictments/arrests are coming on Monday, and they’re the sworn  political enemies of President Trump.
The second point is this: after reading all the indictments, 31 pages, President Trump’s name is not mentioned once. Most of the allegations against Manafort and his business associate go back years, way before he was the chairman of the Trump campaign for a couple of months. So, the breaking news is all about alleged financial crimes which go back  5-10 years, despite the fact everyone knew Manafort to be a sleazy lobbyist in DC,. There’s nothing in there about Russia colluding with the Trump campaign, zero, nada, zilch, i.e. there’s nothing in there about Mueller’s investigation stated purpose. The whole thing at its core is about money laundering and embezzlement.  
It’s known for years that Manafort was doing business with the pro Russian government in Ukraine prior to 2014, people who we now learn allegedly gave him millions of dollars in undisclosed payments, money used to create a slush fund, tax free, secretly embezzled, used for buying expensive stuff. That’s basically lobbying, that’s what lobbyists do in the swamp that’s DC.
Moreover, everything that’s being charged against Manafort could legitimately be charged against Hillary Clinton, whose private slush fund is the Clinton Foundation, where she received hundreds of millions of dollars (145 million) from the Russian government itself through shell companies and banks.
Furthermore, it’s undisputable that Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta took millions of dollars from the Kremlin himslef. He and his brother Tony were up to their eyeballs in Russian money. They actually used Manafort, who had contacts in Ukraine and with some Russian oligarchs, to them lobbying Hillary Clinton for the Uranium One deal. So if Mueller is really serious about going after the Russian collusion, forget Paul Manafort, he’s a shoplifter compared to the Podesta brothers and Hillary/Bill Clinton.
We also learned that the discredited Trump Dossier was funded by the DNC/Hillary Clinton campaign and, take a load of this: by the FBI, who paid for the dossier’s author travel expenses. What is the FBI doing giving money to a former British spook who’s a specialist on Russia? Why are they funding him? The FBI were implicated in the smear campaign against Trump as they deliberately took sides in the election by trying to help Hillary win and bring down Donald Trump in the process.
We now know that Comey and his people paid for the Steele-made part of the dossier and his  travel expenses. Comey actually wanted to put Steele permanently on the FBI payroll, which begs the question: why isn’t Mueller being indicted himself?
The thing is, Mueller is now covering up for James Comey, the Podestas and Hillary Clinton, not to mention that he himself knew about the Uranium One deal while he was FBI director under Obama. He knew about Russian interests bribing/buying off the Clintons by secretly funneling money through the Clinton Foundation via  the Podesta group using Paul Manafort as an intermediary and yet knowing about all this corruption and influence peddling, he personally signed off on the Uranium One Deal, he gave it the green light as FBI boss.
And now we find out that the Obama administration sent almost a million bucks to Fusion GPS to help them compile the funny Trump dossier.
At its core, the Trump dossier used Russian sources/intelligence figures to go and smear the Donald, which ironically is the very thing they’re accusing Trump of, i.e. colluding with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton. And Robert Mueller is leading this investigation? It’s a joke.
To me, the big story about Paul Manafort is about his extensive ties to the Podesta group, i.e. how he worked with John and Tony Podesta for years, because, as you know, Podesta was basically Hillary Clinton’s right hand man, he was her campaign chairman; Tony Podesta was her big bundler, her bagman, everything flew through the Podesta Group.
Manafort was there for years working with the Podestas, and that’s how he got the Russians to give  so much money to the Podestas to funnel it into the Clinton Foundation in exchange for the Uranium One deal getting approval from Obama’s administration.
Truth be told, the reason for which Paul Manafort was brought on Trump campaign is that he was well known for being a brilliant Washington DC insider, a real professional, who could put together a really good convention (he was originally a Bob Dole guy). Trump had so many outsiders on his campaign, that the advice was to bring in a “swamp member” so to speak, somebody who knows Washington and knows how to navigate the swamp.
So when the question arrives why Paul Manafort was involved in Trump’s campaign, to me the issue is: was he not a mole, because if you actually look at the Trump campaign when Manafort was in charge, he (Manafort) was trying to smother the Trump agenda, he didn’t want Trump to be Trump, he was trying to force the Donald to run a conventional Republican campaign that Mitt Romney and John McCain ran (a sure loser), and so to me the real question is whether Manafort was sent in as a kind of mole, agent or whatever for the Clintons/Podestas to subvert/sabotage the campaign from within.

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6 thoughts on “Trick or Treat: First Charges in the Russia Probe are a Bad Joke”

  1. They’re planning to go “guilt by association”.
    Arrest Manafort for something unrelated to the Trump campaign, then go “but Trump hired that guy knowing what he had done, so it must be because Trump wanted him to use his ties to Ukraine to arrange Russia collusion”.
    The Clintonbots will buy into it when they hear it.

  2. All roads to Russia lead to Clinton and Obama’s administration. This will be their undoing. I still wait for that elf Jeff Sessions to do something or go home.

    • Broaden it to ALL public officials who received money and influence illegally from foreign entities without mentioning any names. Who could complain about that? Just ensure an HONEST person is appointed SP, if ONE can be FOUND in DC!

  3. You get the documents proving everything about the Clinton’s corruption including links to the Bush Family.
    And it’s a bad Joke? Really?
    And all the Screaming about Sessions not doing anything? He’s the one allowing you and yours to have access to
    that information. It didn’t get covered up by an AG. Again.
    Another Special Prosecutor really? Why? Because you perceive that he’s covering up for Clinton or Trump? When your now able to see that he is undoing the web.
    You get everything you ever wanted to know on a lot of questions about our Government and the people that inhabit that habitat. And some how. The cries of foul are still heard.
    Liberals should stop showing they’re Alethephobia
    Because you’ve lost the ability to make any sense at all.
    Ya got what you demanded. But you didn’t get it the way you wanted. What you were given was the Truth!
    As for as I’m concerned.
    “I love it when a plan comes together”
    Oh and BOO the ghosties and goblins are gonna get ya.
    Celebrating the Hallowed Eve.
    Cause Tomorrow I’m gonna celebrate the Saints.
    Matthew Mark Luke and John


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