Truck drivers quitting over fuel prices

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This will kick the recession in to overdrive.

Prepare for shortages.

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HOUSTON — Diesel prices are setting records, nationwide, as a gallon of the fuel now averages $5.72 as of Wednesday.

Drivers fueling up at a truck stop in east Houston said the pain at the pump is crippling as rising prices force some to park their rigs.

Houstonian Raymond Mayberry said he’s been a truck driver since 2003. He’s a self-employed trucker.

Even with the help of fuel-saving apps and a rewards program at the truck stop, Mayberry said he’s counting “every penny” because the almost-daily rise in diesel price affects his bottom line.

“It comes out of our profit. If you make $3,000, you’ve got to know $700 of that is coming out of your profit.”

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