Truckers block roads in Canada, it has started!

Manitoba, Canada

Mirror of video if the Tweet is removed

Truckers on the Canadian border are driving at a slow crawl to delay/stop all border traffic

WEF puppets Trudeau and Biden are intent on pushing policies toward a VAX pass global ID system regardless of consequences.

Trudeau instituted vax mandates for entry into Canada on January 15th.

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Biden’s cross border vax mandate goes into effect January 22nd.

Within the next week trucking transport between the US, Mexico, and Canada will slow to a crawl. Supply chains will be further strained reducing product availability. Transport costs will rise along with the price of goods. Perishable goods may spoil in transport.

Read the fine print.

US to require truckers crossing US border to be fully vaccinated, starting in January

  • The Biden Administration will require all truck drivers who cross US borders to be fully vaccinated.
  • The mandate will go into effect on January 22 and will pertain to all essential travelers.
  • The American Trucking Association has warned a vaccine mandate on truckers will have serious consequences.

President Joe Biden will require all truck drivers who cross US land borders to be fully vaccinated by January 22, the administration planned to announce on Tuesday.

The mandate will apply to all essential, nonresident travelers crossing US land borders, including government and emergency response officials.

The decision comes at the same time that the US is facing major supply chain snags — including a shortage of truck drivers. The American Trucking Association warned earlier this month that vaccine mandates for truckers could worsen the supply-chain crisis.

“The US is already facing unprecedented supply chain disruptions and delays due to many factors, including significant labor shortages, production shutdowns, a shortage of raw materials, and pent-up consumer demand,” the ATA said in a letter to the administration in October. “Our data shows that a vaccine mandate may very well further cripple the supply chain throughout the country by forcing up to 13% of drivers to leave the industry entirely,” the group added.

Federal government now says all truckers crossing border must be fully vaccinated

Clarification comes day after government spokesperson mistakenly said Canadian truckers would be exempt

All truck drivers crossing the border must be fully vaccinated as of Saturday, regardless of whether they are Canadian citizens or foreign nationals, the federal government said Thursday.

Confusion over the controversial policy has been widespread since the federal government first announced in mid-November that by Jan. 15, all foreign nationals working as truckers would have to be fully vaccinated to enter Canada.

The same announcement said unvaccinated Canadian truckers would be allowed in, but would be subject to quarantine and testing requirements.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for the Canada Border Services Agency said the federal government was backing down from that commitment and would allow Canadian truckers to enter the country without having to quarantine even if they were unvaccinated or had received only one dose.

Today, the federal government walked back that statement, saying that Wednesday’s statement was “provided in error” and that the regulations outlined in November will stand.

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