Trudeau and the Liberal party have signed a backdoor deal with the far left socialist party to form a semi-coalition to guarantee Trudeau stays in power and no elections are held until at least 2025 – Canada is doomed

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by constantlyhere100

The liberal party came 10 seats short of forming a majority government in the last election – they needed 170 and got 160

(btw they got the smallest share of the popular vote (32%) of any winning party in history, they are literally the least popular party to be EVER in power and the stupid electoral system made them so close to a majority while conservatives are at 119 seats despite winning the popular vote by a point over the libs)

This always means Canadians have rejected a long-term majority government – but now Trudeau has struck a deal with the socialist party, the NDP who have 25 seats at their disposal

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in exchange for adopting more socialist policies, the NDP will lick Trudeau’s feet until 2025 and block any chance of an election with the combined 185 seats they control

This country won’t last another decade – maybe I should leave Toronto, move to Alberta and wait for it to join the US

second option (last case nuclear button in case the US falls too) is to move to my Grandfather’s farm in Iran – There’s barely any freedom in Iran but at least there is no such thing as BLM or violent indigenous activists or socialists or whatever

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