Trudeau Is More UNPOPULAR Than EVER! – Approval Rating Continues To TANK!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the continued fall of Justin Trudeau following the incredibly damaging SNC-Lavalin scandal, Judy Wilson-Raybould’s testimony and his spiraling approval rating.
A recent poll showed that Justin Trudeau will lose to The Conservative Party next election, decidedly.
The issue is, one cannot depend on polls, they are simply not a good metric of future events. Also, this notion of replacing the leader with another leader doesn’t change the complex that so-called leader is allegedly in charge of. The structure remains the same, the actor blabbing on television about “change and stuff” is replaced by another person doing the same thing.
Individuals have to start understanding the nature of politics and what it really means from a collective standpoint vs the freedom of the individual and what one can do as an individual if they are not dependent on an all powerful state.
In this video we break down the idea of free will versus a mighty power that one has been told to depend on and cannot comprehend a world without.
The Canadian economy is crashing, Canadians are in debt and with that Canadians are generally complacent and dependent. That’s exactly where this system wants them and that doesn’t have to be the way it needs to perpetuate.

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We will continue covering this issue closely as we have for so long. Stay tuned for more from WAM!




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