Trudeau LOSES Female Support As Approval Rating TANKS!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the hilarious downfall of the self proclaimed “feminist” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is now facing his lowest approval rating yet with polls showing that if the election were today, the Conservatives would win.
Who are the main demographics leaving the Liberal Party? Women, the middle class and millennials which ironically enough are the demographics Trudeau most caters to other than a few foreign demographics.
After the “peoplekind” comment, the embarrassing India trip and his countless shenanigans, people are sick and tired of Justin Trudeau. Let’s not forget his vast corruption and utter lack of comprehension.

But in the end, this is about politics. Harper’s approval rating was almost the same in his 9th year. People will simply switch back and forth for eternity for the “lesser of evils” scenario as the true masters behind the scenes in government laugh at our servitude, ever strengthening.

Politics has a low approval rating, not individuals, but people don’t seem to have grasped that quite yet.

Individuals decide the market place. Rule yourself folks. Be self sustainable and do it soon before it’s too late.