Trudeau Sends Billions in Foreign Aid , While many Canadians are struggling and many communities still don’t have clean drinking water

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Let us attempt to understand this in basic terms. Each year, our ruling government extracts approximately $7 Billion dollars from Canadian tax payers, and ships the funds to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the African Development Bank.

Phantom aid is foreign aid that never reaches the intended recipient countries. It is aid that gets looted in many ways such as tied aid and domestic refugee spending in donor countries.

How much money did Justin Trudeau transfer from the pocket of Canadian tax-payers to Afghanistan in the year 2018? The official number is $254 Million Big Ones.

Think this to be an outrage? Is Justin Trudeau fuelling a massive misappropriation of Canadian tax dollars– while being fully aware of the circumstances?

Think this to be the apotheosis of foreign aid foul-play? Think not–because it gets worse. According to World Population Review data, Afghanistan is the second least indebted nation on earth. They have no national deficit!

Out of approximately 200 nations on earth, Canada is number #27 in terms of national deficit. Next to uber-rich Brunei, Afghanistan is the world’s least indebted nation.

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How about Ethiopia? According to the President of the Africa Policy Institute, Ethiopia is the fastest growing economy in the world.

A state of emergency has been declared in Iqaluit after city staff found evidence of fuel contamination in the city’s treated water supply. The water is unsafe to drink, even if filtered or boiled, according to the municipality.

In an interview with Nunatsiaq News Tuesday, Mayor Kenny Bell said every part of town was affected, whether water is delivered by pipes or by trucks.

“It’s everything. Any treated water,” he told the paper.

Canada is one of the wealthiest and most water-rich countries in the world. Yet many of its First Nations communities continue to lack safe drinking water — a basic human right.
As of February, 61 Indigenous reserves were under long-term drinking water advisories, half of which remain unresolved after more than a decade. These water advisories warn people to either boil water before use, not to consume it, or avoid it altogether because of toxicity levels.

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