Trudeau Stops Two Shipping Containers of Malnourishment Food for Starving Children from Reaching Afghanistan to Punish Taliban, Other Countries Make Exceptions

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via thestar:

Malnourished babies. Civilians sleeping in holes in the ground. Women losing hope for their futures.

Though Afghanistan faced years of drought prior to the fall of Kabul, with the international community having largely withdrawn after August 2021, a country that was once heavily reliant on foreign aid is facing worsening humanitarian crises.

Families are on the brink of starvation, surviving on bread and tea once or, if they’re lucky, twice a day, aid workers tell the Star. Children are leaving hospitals only to return to malnourishment. Women have few options for earning livelihoods to support their families.

And Canada is part of the problem, relief workers say. Despite the dire need, a food shipment that could have fed 1,800 children was recently cancelled by a Canada-based aid group because of laws that ban providing property to the Taliban, which is now Afghanistan’s de facto government. (Other countries have made humanitarian exceptions to these laws.)

As a result, life-saving aid can’t get to the people who need it most. Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s crisis is only expected to grow worse as winter looms.

The Star recently spoke to a series of workers providing relief on the ground in Afghanistan. These are their harrowing stories one year after the Taliban took control.

He’s the meanest of the mean in the political world, and that is saying something.

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DW: Afghanistan is starving and the West is partly to blame

A planned delivery of two shipping containers of therapeutic foods for children was recently cancelled by World Vision due to restrictions barring Canadians from directly or indirectly aiding the Taliban, financially or otherwise. Since the Taliban has become the de facto government, that also applies to taxes paid in Afghanistan.The laws and sanctions mean multiple Canadian relief groups can’t work on the ground in Afghanistan as a result, according to Canadian Red Cross….

Despite the dire need, [the] food shipment…could have fed 1,800 children … (Other countries have made humanitarian exceptions to these laws.)


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