Trudeau To SEIZE Canadian Bank Records?! – No Place To Hide!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the stunning development out of Statistics Canada as they unroll new policies which would involve lifting 15 years of people’s credit rating information and seizing people’s bank records. No audit, nothing. Simply put, the government says it’s okay so everyone must bow down and allow their privacy to be completely and absolutely abolished by the state.
Trudeau is defending the actions claiming “High quality and timely data are critical to ensuring that government programs remain relevant and effective for Canadians.”
So basically a bunch of jargon adding up to “Do as I say, it’s for the greater good of the greater number” collectivist mantra.
Statistics Canada can already jail people for up to three months of fine people $500 for not filling out their census survey. Now the Canadian government will be asking financial institutions to collect and provide data on 500,000 Canadians without their knowledge. This includes individual level financial transactions data, sensitive information like social insurance numbers and create a new “institutional personal information bank.”

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Now this is exactly the direction that China is going in and perfectly leads into the massive centrally planned cashless society being developed on a global scale. This plays into social credit systems like China’s as well. So with that, we go into how this is incredibly nefarious and how it will negatively affect us all going forward. Not to mention folks, are you really okay with this massive racket having all of your information and leading you into a bottomless pit for their benefit and so they have more ways to take your money and restrict you from doing things? Wake up and be free.

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Individuals must be financially educated and responsible. These governments and banks are making these moves because they’re desperate. Their whole system is going down and they’re trying to prop it up in the most nefarious and coercive way possible.
Be self sustainable, financially responsible, learn how to provide for yourself, save for yourself, don’t depend on pensions, decentralize everything and of course rule yourself. Don’t look up to a racket like the ship of state as some savior when it creates every problem and then swoops in as the solution creating more problems perpetually forever. That’s its job. Your job is to be a free human being. Government doesn’t give you freedom. It can only take freedom away from you.


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