Trudeau’s Secret 7 BILLION DOLLAR Slush Fund! – What You Need To Know

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent developments uncovered showing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is creating a 7 billion dollar slush fund with tax payer money to spend on whatever he wants, for whatever reason, not transparent until after the 2019 election.
In this latest dictatorial move, Trudeau hopes to escape any accountability with this massive fund. No one has to know. It could be spent on more gigantic rubber ducks, or perhaps more maid service. Maybe some new socks.
Either way, as the country is completely bankrupted and the Bank For International Settlements warns that Canada is one of three countries in the world most at risk of a banking crisis in the coming years, as taxes pile higher than the sun, this is just more extortion and scheming by the Liberal Party of Canada.
But in the end, this goes to show what giving so much power to government does. Even the smallest of government will grow large and bloated. Collectivism begets collectivism.
Trudeau’s approval rating is at an all time low. About the same approval that Stephen Harper had in his 9th year. This is because people have lost faith in politics entirely, yet they still go and vote for the next puppet each time around like clockwork as if it’s a duty and that they’ll be shamed if they don’t.

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When will we look towards ourselves for the answers rather than mommy and daddy government? A giant collective to enforce its will on the minority?

A government’s main function is to steal, extort and enforce its will on a populace in servitude while throwing people in cages if they disagree. That’s organized crime.

So as Trudeau shoves stolen funds into a slush fund, remember, that’s government, not just Trudeau. One way or another, government will eventually grow large and overweight and eventually it will come crashing down on those of us holding up the weight underneath.



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