Trump 2024? Hell, Why Not?

by Chris Black

For all his faults, Trump is still the most popular Republican leader and will likely run for president again in 2024, as is his democratic right, if they don’t indict him etc.

Every indication is the Democracy Class wants DeSantis, and not Trump.

If Merrick Garland indicts, this will represent an extreme escalation by the radical left against the popular will of the American people.

What will the fallout be?

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Who knows.

With Trump, he may run just to give himself greater leverage against prosecution.

He is certainly not above using the good will of his loyal followers to shield himself and his family.

On the other hand, he may tack further to the “populist right” in a 2024 race as a way of stirring up problems for Garland and everyone else who just wants him to go away.

Anything different is good.



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