Trump administration moves to expand fast-track deportations

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The Trump administration announced on Monday that it will vastly expand the authority of immigration officers to deport migrants without allowing them first to appear before judges.

It is the second major policy shift on immigration from the federal government in the last eight days.

Starting on Tuesday, fast-track deportations can apply to anyone who has been in the country unlawfully for less than two years. Previously, those deportations were largely limited to people arrested almost immediately after crossing the US-Mexico border.

I’m confused. Why is it that anyone here illegally gets to see a judge at all? You cross illegally you should be detained, finger-printed and processed and then immediately shipped back to your country of origin. If you cross again then you should be sentenced to jail. No trial is needed. It’s not a due process situation. You were caught invading a foreign country and should be sentenced to prison as a result.


The left will lose their minds at this. President Trump has figured out how to beat the Dems using their own laws against them. He is not creating new laws or policy but simply enforcing EXISTING law.
The article states that these “civil rights” groups will sue. For what? Doing the main function of the Executive branch, enforcing existing law.


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