Trump Administration Succeeds at Securing Confirmation of “65” US Attorneys

by Thinker

By Jerri-Lynn Scofield, who has worked as a securities lawyer and a derivatives trader. She is currently writing a book about textile artisans. The Senate has confirmed 65 of Trump’s nominees for United States attorneys– the principal federal law enforcement officers in their districts– eight more than had been confirmed at at a similar stage in his predecessor’s tenure, according to this recent WSJ piece, New Slate of U.S. Attorneys Aids Sessions’ Law-and-Order Push. Trump to be sure, enjoys a Republican Senate majority– which facilitates confirmation of executive appointments and judgeships– but I should note that Democrats had an even larger Senate majority at a similar stage in his predecessor’s first term.

The WSJ notes there are 93 US attorney positions in 94 judicial districts nationwide, and some positions are currently being filled on a temporary basis (and thus do not require Senate confirmation). As the WSJ discusses, filling US attorney positions allows Attorney General Jeff Sessions– himself a former US attorney: To implement his law-and-order platform, a tougher approach that’s been praised by supporters as long overdue and decried by critics as turning back the clock on civil rights. Many conservatives say the Obama administration’s approach to sentencing, for example, was too easy on criminals. Liberals say Mr. Sessions is less willing to take on civil rights violations by police departments, showing he doesn’t take issues like police brutality seriously enough.

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The Journal suggests that the previous experience of both Sessions and his deputy, Ron Rosenstein, as US attorneys has in part fostered a policy of empowering those now holding such positions: “Having served in that role themselves, the attorney general and deputy attorney general know how:…rneys.html

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Leaking classified information on purpose? Isn’t that a crime???


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