Trump & Alternative Media Briefed by Attorney General Rod Rosenstein On Cybersecurity

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by Thinker

Trump not getting the support from the left and it would seem that Alternative Media is taking a hit from the newest cyber security sponsored by MSNBC, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Symantec, MITRE? Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to make a “cybersecurity policy announcement” during his remarks at The Aspen Institute’s Aspen Security Forum. Is the new president the reason for the changes to cyber security? Are the changes pro Trump or anti Trump? What about the Hillary emails? The new way to steal assets from anyone who isn’t on the left? The only people who don’t want the truth, are people with something to hide. Changes being made are now have a profound effect on truth and availability to it for the masses thanks to massive search engines manipulating the results.

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Realist News first to feel the effects of the war on truth and Trump supporters, as all Google and Duck Duck Go links are broken. If you can find a story that links to Realist News you’ll be lucky. To much truth that interferes with the lies of mainstream media and the left losers.

No honor or pride when you attack a sitting president and people and hide. What happened to the land of freedom, liberty, and justice? What happened to brother helping brother, neighbor helping neighbor. love conquering hate? Is there any wealthy elite, middle class, or poor who can boast a spiritual level higher than “0?”

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