Trump announces a 30-day travel ban to Europe, calls for more funds… Half of Europe will be in lock down by end of next week

He stopped flights from China in Feb.

The virus is spreading exponentially. Norway had a +300% increase in cases yesterday alone. Italy is in a 100% lock down. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland have all closed schools, universities, and many businesses. France, Spain, Germany and other EU countries are due to do the same before the end of next week.

The US is equally fucked, if not worse, because of a lack of testing.Cases will most likely explode in 2/3 weeks, similar to the exponential increase in Europe and Asia. There won’t be much choice on how to respond, aside from quarantines, lockdowns and closures of public spaces.

2008 was bad. This may be worse. Ignoring all the fundamentals and technicals that tells us this will get worse, Trading will grind to a halt, hurting every economy. National, private and corporate debt is through the roof. If there is several months of lockdown people will lose jobs, and a huge number of businesses will go bankrupt, combined with global lockdowns, oil shitting the bed, the lack of purchasing and production that will come from the Corona hysteria.

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Pence says thousands more U.S. coronavirus cases expected.

Czech Republic introduces drastic measures to deter spread of COVID-19.

China Coronavirus Adviser Expects Global Pandemic to Be Over by June.

Germany reports more than 2,000 coronavirus cases: Johns Hopkins University.

Scandinavia in Lockdown as Coronavirus Cases Hit 1,700.

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Coronavirus: Schools and colleges to close in Republic of Ireland.

Washington state bans large gatherings and Seattle closes schools amid coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor De Blasio: 62 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In NYC.

Nearly 200 Italians died of coronavirus in 24 hours.

Spain’s PM to hold meetings via video conference after minister diagnosed with coronavirus.

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NYSE Braces for Coronavirus With Potential Trading Floor Closing.

Why the coronavirus is different from flu and warrants major action.

President Trump is once again ‘putting Americans first’ with coronavirus ban.

Things may get worse with coronavirus before they get better, physician says.


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