Trump asks Justice Department for legislation to ensure DEATH PENALTY for..hate crimes?!

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is asking the Justice Department to propose legislation so that those who commit hate crimes and mass murders face the death penalty.

The Republican president says he wants capital punishment to be imposed swiftly against those who carry out hate crimes and mass shootings.

Also, this is a comment I left on Trinity’s thread about the mass shooting speech. It goes hand in hand with how dangerous this is to deem a ‘hate crime’ punishable by death.

“What disturbs me is his comment about the FBI and alphabet agencies getting all the resources they need, working in tandem with the social media tech companies, to be able to target and identify ‘mass shooters’ (read: ‘domestic terrorists’) BEFORE they strike.

How will they accomplish this?

Mass shooters should read synonymous with domestic terrorist and now domestic terrorist should read synonymous with truther, conspiracy theorist, freethinker, etc. Also keep in mind that now ‘person-who-commits-a-hate-crime’ is now also synonymous with mass shooter.

Everyone has a profile built on them that contains every single website you’ve visited, every single text, every phone call, every email, every online purchase, every purchase made with a debit/credit card in a store, every photograph you’ve uploaded on the internet, everything you’ve typed on a forum (including this) – no matter what you want to think, this is the case. It’s called metadata and these alphabet agencies want you to think that it’s so seemingly indecipherable and not to worry but that just isn’t the case.

This has been going on for a long time and now what we are about to see is PRE-CRIME AI arrests en masse. eight chan was just taken down today and Cloudflare is recording every IP address that tries to access the site. You don’t think those IP’s will be turned over to authorities to investigate?

This is bad news folks and we better just buckle up and prepare because this is going to be one, long, dark night of the soul for this country.”

h/t Azazel’s Goat


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