Trump Calls Caravan A Disgrace To Democrats, Offered Dreamers Citizenship For A Wall…. BUSTED: Democrat Candidate Won’t Say if He Would Enforce US Immigration Law

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Trump warns caravan of immigrants heading to US…

President Trump Calls Migrant Caravan a ‘Disgrace to the Democratic Party’…

Trump supports path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million ‘dreamers’ in new White House proposal…

These Democrats all want open borders so they can secure power , but they just cant come out and say it. Instead they dance around the issue. We don’t have time for that crap anymore. #redwave #jobsnotmobs

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‘A Caravan of Lies and Manipulation’: Ingraham Blasts Left & Media’s Narrative on Illegal Immigration

Laura Ingraham called out the “caravan of lies and manipulation” put forth by Democrats and the mainstream media on illegal immigration.

In her Thursday night monologue, Ingraham highlighted the caravan of 4,000 Central American migrants heading to the U.S. from Honduras.

She said it started as a group of 1,600 and quickly grew to 4,000 as the media fed into a narrative that those who refuse to welcome the migrants “are cruel, horrible, rotten people.”

IS THERE A SINGLE LAME LEFTY TALKING POINT THAT THIS TWERP HASN’T HIT YET? In campus speech, David Hogg says U.S. is stolen land, justifies illegal immigration.

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