Trump Calls Out Saudi Prince For Crimes Against Humanity
On Friday Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal slammed Donald Trump for proposing a ban on Muslim immigrants in the US until the government could alleviate security concerns.…

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18 thoughts on “Trump Calls Out Saudi Prince For Crimes Against Humanity

  1. Hey Donny?
    Why don’t you call out Israel for the same – no – worse – crimes?
    Oh, wait…That’s right. Like a good shill, you swore fealty to Jizrael, just like Hillary.
    Phony.? Just like AJ, who’s wife is Israeli, as he’s NEVER mentioned the 5 Dancing Israelis of 9/11

        • last time I checked we did not have israeli terrorists blowing up people, cutting off heads, calling everyone an infidel. convert to islam or die, nor are they flooding thru our borders. they are the only ones we can trust in that region because they are not muslim and have always been U.S. allies. so my question to you is: what am I missing here?

          • no the jews just kill a couple of thousand kids and women in gaza every 2 years then if the pals try to fight back they are terrorists

          • The fact that you don’t know the jews are the ones orchestrating the flood of
            Refugees into ONLY white nations speaks VOLUMES of your ignorance!

          • What you are missing is that ISIS is organised and run by the Israeli Military. They have been captured and interrogated. They are the ones “rescuing” their injured soldiers. How could you tell the difference between an Israeli shouting “Allah Akbar” and a Muslim shouting “Allah Akbar”.
            It is run entirely for the benefit of Israel. Cui Bono?
            Islam prohibits the murder of non-combatants. Zionism has no such qualms.
            Look at the Yinon Plan and then tell me who is running the Middle east.

        • If you actually read the history of the nation you would understand they stole nothing, and self defense then (just as now) is far from slaughter.
          But I’m guessing you’re not interested in the truth behind Israels beginning, their scattering, and their return to their land, but only the narrative that you have been exposed to.
          Then again maybe you will actually do some research and increase your knowledge instead of perpetrating a lie.

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