Trump Calls Out WSJ For Tariff “Fake News”, China Confirms Trade Deal Is “Major Achievement”

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via silverdoctors:

UPDATE: 10:09 a.m. EST:

Since the press conference is not in English, nor are there subtitles or live real-time English translation, we can only rely on reporting from the mainstream media (this from ZH):

And from Bloomberg:


(Silver Doctors Editors) After a week of trade deal uncertainty, it seems we’re on the brink of some clarity.

A short while ago, President Trump called out the Wall Street Journal for spreading fake news:

A lot of what is going on is that reports are coming in that the Chinese have not said that they have agreed to the deal.

That said, it seems China will be giving some sort of statement on the trade deal.

From Zero Hedge:

The market appears convinced this is everything we’ve been hoping for but the radio-silence from China (along with leaked rumors of concerns about the terms – which “will never be made public”) has some fearing this is a Trump administration play to maneuver the narrative, forcing China into a corner as the ‘bad guy’ if no deal is actually agreed by Sunday night.

Here’s an embed to the announcement (supposedly beginning at 10:00 a.m. EST, unsure of broadcast language):



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