Trump Derangement Syndrome makes Bush Derangement Syndrome look like a mild head cold.

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I DON’T KNOW, I CAN IMAGINE QUITE A BIT: Hollywood hates Trump, Republicans even more than we thought, according to Vanity Fair’s insider account.

Christian Toto:

The far-left magazine serves up a behind-the-scenes pastiche of an industry reeling over Trump’s very existence. Author Nick Bilton showcases a number of scripts circulating around Hollywood as well as what industry players have to say about them.

It isn’t pretty.

Several scripts feature Matt Drudge, the new media superstar whose bare bones web site draws millions of eyeballs each week. Others imagine Andrew Breitbart, not as the Happy Warrior who inspired citizen journalists, but as a loner smoking dope in his college dorm.

It’s all part of an amazing essay capturing the current Hollywood mood.

Read the whole thing.



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