Trump did nothing wrong! A challenge for the sheep.

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by danjo_kandui

I will explain why Trump didn’t use the United States intelligence apparatuses to investigate Ukraine and instead sent his trusted friend and lawyer Rudy Giuliani and rightly so.

To do this we have to go the whole way back to the beginning of the coup to remove a duly elected president.

The whole reason Trump was accused of working with Russia in the first place, was because of a joke he made about Russians hacking the DNC servers. After the DNC server was “hacked,” the DNC hired a private company called Crownstrike to investigate the server for evidence. (Remember, one of the things that President Trump addressed in the phone call with President Zelensky was Crowdstrike.) Crowdstrike then told the FBI they discovered that Russia hacked the server. The FBI never seen the server. They are just taking the word of a private company hired by the DNC. If the sever wasn’t hacked by Russia, then the allegations against Trump are proven false. You can see how Crowdstrike’s findings would benefit the DNC and Clinton campaign given that this was during the election. The FBI had no interest in investigating the matter themselves. Why?

Now I’m going to explain how the FBI and CIA are responsible for lying to the FISC. This is important because it proves that there is a rogue element at the top of these agencies.

The DNC and Clinton Campaign acquired a contract with FusionGPS, an opposition research company, in late spring 2016. In June 2016, FusionGPS hired a British spy named Christopher Steele to gather opposition research on Trump. This is perfectly legal. Steele then met with a Russian contact and created the infamous salacious dossier. Steele then met with the FBI and CIA to give them the dossier. The FBI wanted to use it to acquire a FISA warrant to spy on American citizens associated with the Trump campaign. They had to verify the dossier first. They contacted the Russian agent that Steele worked with. He told the FBI that Steele had falsified and misrepresented the information he gave him and that most of it, if not all of it was bogus. At this point it was a dead duck. The CIA leaked the unverified salacious dossier to Buzzfeed during the 2016 election. The FBI in-turn used Buzzfeed as a second source to justify using the dossier in their FISA applications. Horowitz had testified that the dossier was the center piece. Without it, the warrants would not have been approved. This officially kicked off the FBI spying on the Trump campaign. It’s necessary to note that the same people involved with the FISA abuse were the same people that was running the “Mid Term Review,” the investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Michael Horowitz presented the OIG report to Congress. In it he found 17 different examples of significant errors. Things varying from excluding exculpatory evidence to falsifying evidence in the FISA applications. He did not come to a conclusion in his report but he also stated “nobody that touched it is exonerated from anything.” AG Barr and Durham publicity stated that they believe the investigation was un-predicated. All of this corruption is also being investigated as we speak by John Durham in a much wider scope. Here is a video of AG Bill Barr explaining the scope of what’s been going on with his criminal investigation.

As you can see, there is a clear attempt to oust the President and it’s coming from the top echelons at the FBI,CIA, and FISC. It would be pretty stupid of Trump to ask these same agencies to investigate Ukraine, where all of this started with the DNC server. Remember, the FBI never seen the server and they never asked for it. The average person isn’t aware of this. For all we know, the emails could have been hacked by China or even leaked. This would destroy the Russian Hoax.

They thought the leaked salacious dossier would ruin Trumps chances of winning the election. Their co-conspirators in the media thought this as well. Trump overcame the entire sham an won the election anyway. This is where the “insurance policy” comes in.

They created the special counsel headed by Robert Mueller, investigating the accusation of Russian collusion. All of the evidence in the case was produced by the FISA abusers/ Hillary investigators. This goes on for over two years. In the end, Mueller could find no evidence of collusion. A special counsel isn’t even allowed to be formed unless there was a clear crime to investigate. Collusion isn’t even a crime. The excuse Mueller gave about not being able to indict a sitting president was an attempt at keeping the liberals engaged in what clearly was a nothing burger. Never in the history of special counsel’s was it the job of the prosecutor to exonerate anybody. They either find someone guilty or not.

Now they needed a new attack. This is where the famous phone call comes in.

Three and a half years after the coup attempt began, a whistle blower (Allegedly Eric Ciaramella) claims that he had major concerns with a phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky. The media speculated. Adam Schiff misrepresented. The impeachment clown show begins.

Donald Trump‘s phone call with Ukraine came right after an election in which Ukraine elected a new president. The same Ukraine that is know as the third most corrupt government in the world. America is slated to give them billions in aid money. As a great President, Trump would want assured that the new Ukrainian president wasn’t just another corrupt lackey willing to rip off America. Normally, he could hold the funds and have our intelligence apparatus investigate the matter before releasing the aid. Obviously this is not an option at the time. Sending in the same agencies that are currently committing treason will guarantee failure. Although President Trump was holding the funds, President Zelensky was unaware during the time of the phone call. This means that he was not pressured when he made the comments he made in that phone call. Trump did nothing wrong. The claim that Ukraine knew about the freeze is base on a NYT article that reads-

‘A senior Ukrainian official who resigned from her post claims the government knew the U.S. froze military aid to the country by the end of July, the New York Times reported.’

The phone call was on July 25. This article doesn’t prove that President Zelensky knew about it during the call. If the Ukrainian official did not supply an exact date and only stated that they knew by the end of July, it means there is a window of six days after the call. This is not proof that President Zelensky knew at the time of the call.

Trump is well aware of Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s ties to the same corrupt entities that have been documented stealing and laundering American aid money. One of these companies is Burisma. Joe Biden is well aware of Trumps knowledge in the matter. The only reason Biden is running for office is to avoid prosecution. This is obstruction of justice. His only chance of avoiding prosecution is to have Donald Trump impeached.

The Office for Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds Derived from Criminal Activity in Latvia wrote to Ukraine on February 18, 2016, telling officials there that the office “is currently investigating the suspicious activity of Burisma Holdings Limited.” They also said “According to publicly available information, Burisma Holding Limited and its director Hunter Biden are involved in corruption affairs.” Latvia said it traced $14.6 million received by Burisma from Wirelogic Technology AS as payments for loan agreements between July 2012 and July 2014. The money was “partially transferred” from a Burisma account to Biden and three colleagues, including fellow American Devon Archer, who also sat on Burisma’s board for a number of years.

Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor who Joe Biden pressured Ukraine into removing in 2016, said that the Latvia documents and other such documents made it impossible for him to simply shut down a probe into Burisma, as he was asked to do by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, before being ousted. Arturs Saburovs, the third secretary at the Latvian embassy in Washington said it didn’t appear as if his country alerted U.S. authorities, even as three of the four people named in the letter were Americans.

Given the state of the FBI and CIA, President Trump sent somebody he trusted to investigate. After investigating, Rudy Giuliani said that the money transactions were “classic money laundering.” He explained it saying “It goes from Ukraine to Latvia—it’s disguised as a loan to another company, Wirelogic, I believe—it then goes to Cyprus, it’s disguised as another loan. Then it’s dispersed as payment of board fees. Now you don’t make two loans to pay board fees unless you’re laundering the money.”

Given the corruption uncovered by the Latvian documents in 2016, and the fact that Joe Biden extorted Ukraine into firing the prosecutor that said it was impossible for him to shut down the Burisma probe, it is absolutely necessary to hold the $billions in aid money until the new Ukrainian administration was vetted and agreed to investigate Barisma, the company that was exposed for money laundering and theft.

Not only do Democrat leaders want President Trump impeached for wanting accountability, they are ignoring the factual evidence of the Biden’s involvement. The sole reason Burisma hired Hunter Biden was for the influence Joe Biden had as Vice President. He admitted to his extortion when bragging about how he got Ukraine to fire Viktor Shokin, and still there is no accountability. The deep state protect their own.

President Trump is obligated to have the situation investigated. He is justified in his lack of trust in the intelligence community. He is justified in sending his trusted friend and lawyer to investigate. Biden isn’t his political opponent. He is in third place in a primary against twenty other Democrats.

Those who attack these facts are blinded by bias and refuse to accept them. They will parrot the left wing 4am talking points and criticize trivia unrelated matters. The proof is in the comments. This is where they get their news.


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