Trump Drops HARD FACTS On Illegals Democrats Pretend Don’t Exist Says

Jack Davis for the Western Journal reports, President Donald Trump on Sunday said the number of illegal immigrants in America dwarfs any previously published official estimates.

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Troops Headed to Border; Pentagon Tracking 12K Illegal Aliens Heading This Way

The approaching horde of illegal aliens who think they’ll cross the U.S.-Mexican border and declare squatter’s rights with phony asylum claims has prompted the Pentagon to plan another big deployment.

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Mission: Protect the country from the invasion that is heading this way.

Troop deployment: 2,000.

Migrants marching toward the border: 12,000.

Likely percentage of phony asylum claims: 90 percent

The Troops
Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan divulged the new deployment to reporters Tuesday.

Shanahan, the Associated Press reported, said the Department of Homeland Security “has asked us to support them in additional concertina wire and then expanded surveillance capability, and we’ve responded with, you know, here how many people it would take and this is the timing and mix of the people to support that.”

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About 2,400 troops are at the border, meaning the level of active-duty military personnel at the border would approach 5,000. That’s less than the 5,900 that were at the border just before the midterm elections.…g-this-way




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