“RECESSION IS COMING AND FAST” – Worst German data since 2007 as Retail Sales plunge, Italy enters in a technical recession

Better get ready and fast

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Germany retail sales TANKING worst reading since 2007 when the recession hit.

Germany retail sales fell 4.3% in December. The worst in eleven years.
Italy Officially Slides Into Recession.
The Fed utterly capitulates on policy.

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Trading With Hedge
Retail sales from Germany came at -4.3% MoM. Recession is coming and fast !!! last time we got close to this levels were in 2007!! and we still not officially in recession yet. Like I said many times, this crisis will be a lot worse than 2008!! FED knows this!

Italy becomes first major European economy to face technical recession in five years as GDP falls by further 0.2% 

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