Trump Effect? Shares Surge as Twitter Reports First Quarterly Profit in History!

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By Chris Black

I know what you’re thinking: how on Earth a left wing-hard-core-progressive company, which enables social justice, censors conservatives, alters trends and bans people randomly for illusory “crime-think” can make profits? Well, Twitter just proved it possible, after reporting their first quarterly profit in 12 years. Now, the thing is, Twitter claims its profits in the 4th quarter of 2017 are not due to the American public, as the company actually saw a decline in US-based revenue/sales. Twitter’s revenue from outside the US grew by 17%, thus mitigating the 8% decline in United States sales.
For example, Japan contributed a lot to Twitter’s revenue in 2017, with $106 million respectively, together with Chinese advertisers. The company’s shares hit their highest since July of 2015, as they traded at $31.21 a share. Let’s remember that Twitter was founded 12 years ago, in 2006, and they’ve become a public company back in 2013, at $26 a share.
It’s interesting to see how Twitter managed to do such a poor job until now, and I am talking about their ineptitude with regard to turning a profit or achieve consistent revenue growth, thus flabbergasting investors for more than a decade, considering their ubiquitous media presence and the huge number of celebrities using their platform, ranging from athletes to politicians (read President Trump).
Twitter recently changed some of their features, in order to attract new customers, including doubling the number of characters per tweet. According to their official figures, the number of daily users grew by 12% following the respective changes. Also, the company claims that machine learning played a significant role in their revenue-boost, as Twitter can now use its customers’ metadata to target them with custom-made ads more efficiently. Bottom line, Twitter reported a net profit of $91,1 million, with ad revenue rising one percent. To put things into perspective, the company recorded a loss of $167.1 million in the previous year.
The truth is Twitter was going broke and looking for some wealthy Saudi prince to buy it, until Trump started using it as POTUS to address the American people directly, thus circumventing the fake-news mainstream media.  The reason it never sold is because no one wanted to buy a dying company. Suddenly they are reporting their first profit in 12 years during Trump’s first year in the White House. I know the Liberal douche-bag who created Twitter will never do it, but Twitter needs to thank Trump for saving them. However, joke aside, there’s always a chance that Dorsey cooked the books, i.e. they are playing with their financial numbers just as they do with their Twitter users numbers, trends and whatever. They want to get bought out before it all goes soft, brown and stinky.


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  1. I’m sure they’ll thank Trump… by posting some more “covfefe” messages in his name to give the anti-Trumpers something to laugh at while getting spammed with ads


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