Trump Has Democrats Pretending the Inner City Isn’t Messed Up

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One interesting point he brings up is the democrats being the party of the inner city until a couple years ago. This is easily shown as true when you look at political maps of the country. Big, inner city areas tend to be democrat with leadership and representation, while more rural areas tend to be conservative. This is usually because people living in the city have high stress lives and Democrats offer them free stuff to make that better and always promise to make quality of life better, whereas people in more rural areas tend to want to be isolated and have the government leave them alone. And in that context, it actually makes sense for the two parties to coexist. Conservatives govern the people who don’t like government and liberals govern those who need more because they live in high density cities.

The problem arises when liberal policies are put forward on a national scale instead of statewide or city wide. If the concept of states rights had lived on past 1865, we would actually have a great system of government today. Liberals would own the cities and enforce taxes and laws on city dwelling people, while conservatives would own rural areas and tax and enforce laws on rural folks. And people would move wherever they wanted, leading the poorly run cities to fail and adapt and successful cities to thrive. By putting forward national taxes and laws, however, it only naturally leads to a conflict. The living needs rural peoples are vastly different than urban dwellers. Rural people need ownership of firearms because police response time is long if not nonexistent where they are, whereas urban people have less of a need (but still a need) because police response time is usually no more than 5 minutes (and sometimes is only seconds). But liberals want to put forward nationwide bans on all guns, and because inner cities, which are obviously more populated and therefore carry greater voting power, don’t consider the needs of their rural counterparts, they support this blindly and with no thought to the future. Hopefully this is changing, but i think it only gets worse from here.

What we need is a reset. We need to go back to the concept of states rights over federal government. Each state conforms to a LIMITED federal law (don’t murder, steal, the amendments, the obvious) and then decides on their own how much to tax and what laws to enact. And the system would be infinitely better.





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