Trump Hater Restaurant Owner Kicks White House Press Secretary Out

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said she was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant by its owner because she works for President Donald Trump.

Well, we reap what we sow, and she won’t be able to sell her business now and everyone that enters is a Trump hater? Is she blonde? How could she do something so stupid and put her business in jeopardy? Just because Sarah Huckabee Sanders works for the president she would be thrown out? Anti Trump and anti-American is the statement that is being said by the actions of the owner of the Red Hen. Already the comments are more in favor of the sitting president of the United States. Look for money loss for the Red Hen…Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and the people who support the president are waiting for an apology.

Red Hen Facebook Comments:

Jeremey Shuey · 50 seconds ago
No one cares about your self imposed moral compass. What we do care about is getting a good meal at a fair price. Too bad ***** service comes complimentary. You may as well quit serving priests, cops and the military. This veteran, who lost plenty, wants to give you a big middle finger. You have the freedom to be a dick I have the freedom to flame you.

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Vegas Sim · 28 seconds ago
Any restaurant from any corner of our country that refuses a patron of our government, regardless of what political affiliation they are, only serve to push the narrative of racism, bias, close mindedness and bigotry. If Obama and Michelle had been treated this same way, there would be an angry mob of celebrities and liberals at the doorstep demanding their closure! I personally would rather starve than visit your bigoted establishment. You probably even did this in front of her little children.

Jam Mollan · 25 seconds ago
Not suitable for a rabid dog. You should be ashamed to call your self a restaurant. I wouldn’t touch one foot inside ever again. Your an embarrassment to every person that ever set foot in the trash you have made.

Tim Prillaman · 38 seconds ago
Bringing politics into dining! How can you refuse service based on political views but a baker cannot based on their religious views? Ask your alternative lifestyle employees that question… Should YOU be sued?!?!?

Michael Veltri · about a minute ago
I think you are garbage for throwing people out because you have differing opinions from them. Hoping for a quick bankruptcy for you all.

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Cody Waymire · about a minute ago
I will never eat at a red hen and I will be sure to spread the word. Good job guys �� � backfired

Dennis Weathers · 34 seconds ago
Any restaurant that refuses to serve a good and honorable woman like Sarah Huckabee Sanders will never get my business again, or that of any of my friends.

David Bumgarner · about a minute ago
Are you finding out money is green? Not blue or red! Despicable actions from the owners!

Sheila Summerfruit McDonal · 57 seconds ago
Shame on you! Do you ask everyone who comes through your door if their conservative or liberal? Shame on you!

Who is Sarah Huckabee Sandars?

The best and most straight forward White House Press Secretary that ever was and clearly we have a jealous restaurant owner who just put the nail in the coffin for her business. Is there another like her? NO! Go Sarah…your the best!

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