Trump Impeachment – The Democratic Agenda for 2018

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by Martin Armstrong

Now with the Trump Tax Reform set to really create jobs with the small business benefiting for the first time in more than 30 years (the Democrats call the “rich”), the Democrats have absolutely nothing to offer. Their agenda is simply to oppose whatever the Republicans put forth. They even lack any real leader at this point who has popular standing.

The solution for the Democrats is just to start a fight and try to throw mud at the Republicans rather than work with them to really reform the economy. This obstructive posture will be the agenda this year and we will see more and more movement to try to impeach Trump. Rumblings in Washington behind closed doors even have them talking about the people need to vote for them to take back the House and Senate in 2018 so then they can impeach Trump and go after the hated rich.

They have no other message but the same Marxist/Socialist Agenda. They are not prepared to abandon that theme despite the fact that the voting record has clearly revealed that they peaked with the first election in 1932 and have been steadily losing ground ever since. They had their knee-jerk reaction rally with Obama because he was black. They then tried with Hillary as a woman. They scheme to win, but they never review their message.
So expect a lot more talk of Impeachment this new year in 2018.

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4 thoughts on “Trump Impeachment – The Democratic Agenda for 2018

  1. “Trump Impeachment – The Democratic Agenda for 2018”
    This is not only a democrat agenda it is an ESTABLISHMENT Agenda. Many establishment Republicans also want Trump OUT. Trump is about to expose Pedophiles and Criminals in BOTH houses of rats and good guys.
    Jesus kicking over the tables of coins in the Temple is perhaps too strong an analogy. How about a FRIEND of Jesus’?

    • It’s being revealed!!! Look at the FBI! Tattered! Like JFK wanted them to be! CIA following!!! It’s not the way we had imagined, but it IS happening!!!!!!!!

  2. Instead, why don’t they come up with a positive agenda to unite us, get us out of the muck and mire that they put us in in the first place? But, never mind, hang your hat on Muller’s “investigation” and that come 2020, we’ll all see the “light”! We did!!!!!!!!!! MAGA!

  3. The neo-cons impeached Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that bj” Clinton to spoil the Democrat run in November 2000 because 9/11 was under way, and they needed the White House for the final phases such as calling off the USAF response on that day; and because the security agencies under a Gore White House would have uncovered their treasonous plot. When Gore was still elected they had no choice but to go in and steal it.
    If Trump is impeached it’ll be the neo-cons in both parties. Neo-cons in the Democrat Party like Hillary and Obama are not to the left of Trump but to his right. The hard right.

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