Trump is Gaining, Biden is Losing: To win, Joe Biden will have to beat Donald Trump and himself.

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Ready or not, the 2020 presidential election is upon us. And the burden is heavy on Democrats this election cycle.

No matter how much liberal Democrats and progressives hate Donald Trump, no matter how poor of a job they feel he has done as president; whatever Trump’s personal foibles: He is still an incumbent president.

Incumbents tend to have an advantage. And before COVID-19, Trump was running as an incumbent on a robust economy.

He needs to turn out his base on Election Day, which he was very effective at doing in 2016. The Trump campaign has more money and more help than it had in 2016: Better organization and a larger mouthpiece.

Republicans have been registering more new voters than Democrats.

Gleeful Democrats in the press and on social media were distracted by the Trump campaign’s recent, very public punking by American high school students and Korean pop fans. Trump turning out only 6,000 people in Tulsa, having to scrap plans to project his rally to an overflow of 100,000 fans who never showed gave the left a good laugh.


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