Trump is getting dragged into court for using the term “China virus”

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Donald Trump is getting dragged into court for using the term “China virus” … a new lawsuit says the former President caused a lot of harm to Chinese Americans with the phrase.

Trump’s getting sued by the Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition … and they’re pissed over him constantly referring to COVID-19 as “Chinese virus,” “Wuhan virus” and “Kung Flu” while he was in office.

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While the Chinese put minorities in Gulags;reject immigration; steal technology; bring in drugs, etc., they are offended by the use of China virus” .

Indian, Brazil, and South Africa strains of the virus is fine though.

Multiculturalism is societal cancer.

Liberal Democracy is a deadly joke; it is the mask behind which lurks the most hideous tyranny of colonialism at the service of the oligarchs and the bankers as well as the biggest internal propaganda setup that continuously brainwashes the masses under the pretence of free speech, free media and representative legislative bodies — internet wisdom

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