Trump Is WINNING Over The “Never Trumpers,” Democrats And Media Continue Downward Spiral

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Trump Is WINNING Over The “Never Trumpers,” Democrats And Media Continue Downward Spiral. Many Republicans vowed to never support the president but now finding themselves doing just that.

In a story from the New York Times they document how most of the prominent conservatives opposing Trump have now become some of his most ardent defenders and they cite many reasons why. But other stories and trends may shine a light on this.

Perhaps Donald Trump is “not that bad,” well at least relative to what the Democrats are offering.

IN an Op-ed a never Trumper goes into detail about how leftists and Democrats are pushing unpopular ideas or ideas that already guarantee the Democrat vote. He argues that they are not focusing on the core issue of defeating Trump. I hear that.

I’ve been saying the same thing the entire time. Democrats have not learned their lesson from 2016 and continue to try and court woke twitter and social justice feminists in order to win. But win what? The college primary vote and woke Twitter?

There are even stories from Democrats saying they will actually vote Trump because of the absurd far left push from the Democratic Party and I completely understand that sentiment.

You don’t have to support the president but it would be prudent to calm down, talk policy, engage with civility, and work towards a solution for all of us. Perhaps due to the lack of civility we see people realizing that while “orange man bad” may be true to some extent he is certainly not as bad as the media portrays him.

Impeachment is just another push in Democrats refusing to talk policy and instead focusing on minutia and its resulting in people bowing out of politics because, well, to be honest I think we are all sick of democrats crying wolf.



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