Trump “It’s A Rigged Witchhunt” Naming Those Who Conspire Against Him & U.S.

by Thinker

Anyone who attacks a sitting president, is also attacking a nation and the men and women who live and serve to protect it. So many men and women have lost their lives following commands and many questioning the command. Now once again these men and woman are being called upon to speak the truth and act with honor in protecting the president who protects you. Election after election alternative media has reported on the corruption and the rigged voting machines. Americans have watched one party bash the other, and when the results are in, everyone learns to live and work with the winner.

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Not in the 2016 elections!

Trump has not been welcomed by the other side, but what has been seen and heard by so many in the world from the losing party is shocking. From the highest organizations NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, the leaders who have had to leave their positions for actions that weren’t reflecting Americanism, but a word that rhymes with it. Why have these men and women gone to such extremes to remove Trump from the White House. What is it that they don’t want the American people, let alone the world to know. It’s time says Trump and transparency continues to shine and once Clinton emails are shown to the people vindication for all those who have been brought down for telling the truth.


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