Trump Killed the Democrat Party

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by Wayne Root
Liberals are melting down. They’re on “full tilt.” They’ve lost their minds. President Trump has routed them. Democrats are about to become an insignificant minority party.
Look no further than the news of the past few days.
President Trump’s approval rating at Rasmussen (the most accurate poll of the 2016 election) is at 50%. That’s the highest of his presidency. It’s far higher than on the day he was elected president. More importantly, its far higher than Obama’s approval rating at the same time of his presidency.
Only two months ago, the Generic Congressional Poll showed Democrats winning by an 18-point landslide. Today it shows Republicans winning.
The latest Consumer Confidence poll was out on Tuesday. It shows consumers more optimistic than at any time since 2000 Who was president 18 years ago? Bill Clinton- the last president to preside over a booming economy.
The New York Times admitted days ago that the Trump tax law is now favored by a majority of Americans. Even more remarkable, the New York Times quoted this columnist in a recent article on President Trump. When the NY Times quotes Wayne Root, either hell has frozen over, or the political landscape has moved dramatically.
Then on Tuesday, Trump did the unthinkable. He became the earliest president in history to declare for re-election! He even named his 2020 campaign manager. Trump announced 980 days before election day.
On the same day, actress Jennifer Lawrence announced in a Vanity Fair interview that it was a mistake for Hillary Clinton to belittle Trump supporters…and an even bigger mistake for actresses and entertainers like her to get involved in politics. She admitted only 25% of Americans call themselves liberals, but recognizes it takes more than 25% of Americans to buy her movie tickets, if she wants to have a successful career.
So, you’d think maybe, in light of all this news, Democrats might see the light. At least some of them might come to their senses. Nope.
First a look at what’s happening in California. My friends have sent me photos of billboards popping up all over Los Angeles that proclaim, “DISOBEY TRUMP.” These signs are touting the re-election campaign of a Democrat State Senator. She is openly committing sedition- defined as inciting people to disobey the laws of the state.
The Attorney General of California Xavier Becerra warned publicly recently that California will PROSECUTE any business owner who cooperates with ICE. California’s AG is threatening to put business owners in prison for obeying the laws of our land, and obeying a federal law enforcement agency. He is also committing sedition.
But wait, it gets better. At the California Democrat Convention over this past weekend, the delegates preferred AG candidate Dave Jones over Becerra.They thought Becerra wasn’t radical enough!
Then there’s five-term incumbent U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein. California’s Democrat delegates voted overwhelmingly to not endorse Feinstein. They voted 54% to 37% for her opponent, radical progressive (ie Marxist) Kevin de Leon. He supports single-payer healthcare; immediate legalization of Dreamers without any restrictions or compromise; massive taxes to pay for the needs of illegals; and criticizes Feinstein for supporting school vouchers for poor students in Washington DC.
Obama led the Democrat Party to disaster. Under his leadership, Democrats lost hundreds of seats in Congress, state legislatures, Governors, Lt Governors, Secretaries of State. Obama’s radical policies and ideas led the GOP to take power of all levels of government.
But Democrats didn’t learn a lesson. They’ve moved left. They’re looking for a second helping of landslide defeat. The Democrat Party of your father and grandfather is dead.
But California is a bridge too far. California is now a foreign state. The Democrat Party there is set up to support radical causes the rest of America is repulsed by. They fight for the rights of illegals over legal citizens.
The future of the Democrat Party is radicals like Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris. None of them can win a national election. Not as long as America is still dominated by people born in American.
Remember the hit single, “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Who would have thought it possible just 18 months ago? But Trump has killed the Democrat Party. He’s driven them so far left, Trump now looks reasonable to the vast majority of Americans.
Wayne Allyn Root ( is host of the nationally-syndicated “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show.” Listen from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now and watch at 5 PM on Newsmax TV- now on DirecTV and Dish. His R-J columns run Thursdays and Sundays.

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7 thoughts on “Trump Killed the Democrat Party

  1. Root, sorry if I am not jumping for joy for the Republican party and demise of the Democrats. RINOS and neocons have done as much to destroy this country as Obysmal accomplished in his 8 years of unconstitutional occupation of the White House. Neither party cares about the American people and by the way, where is that WALL?

  2. we will know IF he did it at the mid-term, HOWEVER IF he did kill the democratic party he has also CREATED the NRA-MAGA party, for his past supporters, if they STILL want a WALL!!!

  3. Yeah he did. And, he also killed the Republican party and the Libertarian party and Israel, thankfully.
    The 180 he did upon taking office reveals clearly that Israel and the Jewish satanic London bankers and Vatican *own* Trump and Trump lied profusely to America to get elected in his feeble and failed attempt to lead America into another “John Wayne” false flag world war. lol. idiot.
    Trump did America a yhuge favor and he got too greedy, too cocky, and he attacked the Middle East unprovoked he now mass murdering tens of thousands of babies, kids, moms,, dads…whole communities. And now we’ll *never* vote for a candidate unless they renounce Zionism, Israel, the London banks and the Vatican in writing and furnish a list of names and crimes they’ll prosecute upon taking office as well as agree in writing to end the fed and lift the hemp prohibition without regulation upon taking office, or no vote.
    It’s time to vet oath keepers who’ll put America first and drain the swamp for real!
    Trump’s a yhuge liar, a yhuge psychopath war monger, and just another chabad puppet trying to keep Americans as tax and debt slaves and cannon fodder and his mission failed.
    Problem is, they did such a good job of poisoning America, 70% of military age men and women are too unfit to serve in the military but healthy enough to defend their communities and we healthy people won’t fight for the Jewish satanic NWO, so it’s game over for the NWO.

  4. What if this was the plan all along? For a long time I have heard that both parties are pretty much the same. They want endless wars, endless Military Industrial Complex money, endless money for bankers… both parties are full of corrupt, pay-for-play, big government people. What if their intent was to create a hatred for liberal ideas? Not everyone wants endless wars. Even Trump campaigned on the idea of maybe ending some of the more useless ones like Syria and Iraq, but now he’s doubling down and wants to remain in both countries forever. Forever! That’s an incalculable amount of money. And the Dems don’t fight that. The Dems don’t fight against Deep State stuff anymore than the Republicans do. And if the Deep State wants more wars, more banker money, more MIC money… maybe making you hate anything liberal and peace-oriented, if only for a couple of election cycles, is enough to make you demand more Conservative ideas. Other totalitarian states go with one-party systems. It is a lot easier to make police state stuff happen when you have only one choice. The Party.

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