Trump looking to fund ‘Arab army’ in Syria – report

Just days after the Trump administration launched a missile attack against the Syrian government, reports have emerged saying the president is now exploring creative options for maintaining a US-aligned Arab army in Syria.

Trump seeking Arab army to replace US troops in Syria

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister repeats the kingdom’s willingness to deploy troops to Syria as part of a US-led contingent in the war-torn country.

Jubeir made the remarks at a press conference in Riyadh with UN chief Antonio Guterres.

US media say Washington is after patching up an Arab force to replace a US military contingent in Syria.

The report follows weekend strikes by the United States, Britain and France on Syria.

Prior to the attack, Riyadh had indicated that it would back a Western military intervention in Syria.

But Guterres, who also met Saudi King Salman on Tuesday, maintained that the Syria crisis needs to be resolved through political means without any foreign interference.

h/t Víkingur