Trump on China: ‘100 Trade Deals’ Wouldn’t Make Up for Coronavirus

  • Trump tweeted that any benefits from the U.S.-China trade deal pale in comparison to the damage caused by “the plague from China.”
  • The tweet comes as the Trump administration is ratcheting up the blame game with Beijing over the coronavirus.
  • Thus far, the increased tensions have not visibly impacted the nuts and bolts of the January phase one trade deal.

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump on Wednesday said any benefits from the U.S.-China trade deal he signed in January pale in comparison to the damage that has been caused by what Trump called “the plague from China.”

It was unclear whom Trump was referring to when he said “dealing with China is a very expensive thing to do.” The White House declined to comment.

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But after months of Trump resisting pressure to explicitly tie U.S.-China trade relations to the bilateral coronavirus blame game, the tweet was one of several signs in recent days that the president may be changing tack.