Trump Openly Boasts About His Negotiations To Raise Taxes On Americans

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(by Half Dollar) At the start of last year, President Trump was all about getting gas prices down:

Lower gas prices are good if you are a consumer of gasoline.

In fact, President Trump has taken credit for the low gas prices, and he’s even bragged and boasted about it, calling lower gas prices a “tax cut”:

That’s just one example.

He’s called lower gas prices a tax cut hundreds if not thousands of times during his presidency.

During many of the earlier daily Coronavirus Task Force press briefings, the President repeatedly said that these low gap prices we’re enjoying in 2020 are tax cuts for consumers.

Please excuse me if links and timestamps are lacking, but just head over to The White House YouTube channel and watch the earlier Coronavirus Task Force press briefings to hear the President discussing how great the low gas prices are, and how they’re like a tax cut for consumers.

Now, I think you in advance for allowing me to use “crude oil” intergchangeably with “gas”, because, after all, if you want to eat some chicken for dinner, you first need a chicken to hatch from an egg.

More on that and word choice later.

But I digress.

Since President Trump is the only person on this planet who can have his cake and eat it too, by the same token, as if this were a universally good thing, today President Trump is boasting about his attempts to hike taxes:

By saying a 20 million barrel cut in crude oil production as opposed to a 10 million barrel cut in crude oil production, President Trump is saying he is negotiating for higher crude oil price, and therefore, by extension, higher gas prices.

Or is that not what he’s saying?

Furthermore, the exact words in Trump’s Tweets are not what truly matters, but rather, it’s his intention in the Tweet, because words are carefully picked, and sometimes even mis-spelled or including tpyos in order to get the robo-trading HFT algorithms developed by his buddies in the Revolving Door between Washington and Wall Street to execute or not execute certain trades in the “market”.

Now, onto the point I alluded to in my title so nobody accuses ‘Ol Half Dollar of Trump hatin’ clickbait.

I’m neither a Trump Hater nor a Click Baiter.

Here’s the main point: Higher gas prices affect those who have less fuel efficient cars and the working poor disproportionately for myriad reasons.

Said differently, higher gas prices are a kick to the nether region to flyover America in general, and to the Deplorables specifically.

I say the word “Deplorable” loosely because while I don’t consider myself a Trump Supporter, much less one of his Red Hats, I do consider myself a Deplorable.

But there I go again with digression.

The only people that higher crude oil prices benefit are those people who have a stake in the crude oil industry in the United States, and that’s not the majority of people, but rather, a small, special group of people who were only able to drill as much and for as long as they did because of the government & Fed’s fiscal and monetary policies, all of which are based on unbacked, debt-based fiat currency that must ever-expand at an exponential, unsustainable rate.

Said differently: President Trump is trying to get crude oil prices to go up, which, according to Trump’s own logic, translates into a tax hike.

Finally, if Trump the negotiator succeeds in working to get big business back-on track (all his words in the Tweet above, not mine), well then, we have a word for that.

It’s called “fascism”.

Trump can have his cake and eat it too.

Americans can have their fascism and, well, do with it what you’d like, but it’s not like you have a choice in the matter.



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