Trump Positioning U.S. For Gold Backed Currency With Russia & China?

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by Thinker

Along with all the secrets Putin can tell Trump about those who wish to remove him from power, he is also collaborating with the two biggest nations in the world who want a gold backed currency. The push for digital money is going, because it’s easier to steal, but with gold backed currency it changes the world. Power won’t be in the weapon, but in the bank account and if that is the case, the U.S. falls well behind China and Russia. Only the bankers are fretting that Donald Trump is talking to Russia, and nothing is more important than Trump and Putin talks about gold.

Trump Declares Gold backed Currency / Global Reset Sooner than most think

Here we have President Trump making a public announcement about the Global Currency Reset.. This could be the beginning of a one world currency system.

President Trump: Return To Gold Standard ‘Would Be Wonderful’

Trump throwing down hints about gold.

Russia And China Roll Out 100% Gold Backed Currency

Russia and China have outlined plans to create a 100 percent gold-backed currency system to replace the US dollar as the world’s dominant currency.

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It isn’t the weapon, but the gold that is holding the true global power in the world, and it would seem that China and Russia are neck and neck. Thank the Lord that Trump wants to put the U.S. where Putin has positioned Russia. In a place where sanctions don’t mean a thing and the lives of the people aren’t affected by them. Trump knows all about the meaning of gold and Putin has no problem talking about the value of it either.

Putin: The ruble is the most gold-backed currency in the world; Sanctions don’t bother us

President Putin believes in the active theory of ‘containment’ of Russia, when it comes to Western foreign policy. Washington is a Printing Machine of Fiat Money. He has often emphasized the points in time in Russia’s 1000 year history, where Russia would recuperate from whichever crisis that preceded it, only to face fierce slander on behalf of its Western partners.

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Putin has said that any diversion from Western interests often paints Russia in a negative light, seemingly overnight –

“Even during the Yeltsin era, who the West had hailed widely as a good and proper democratic Russian leader, became a raging alcoholic sensation – as soon as he dared to defend the unity of Yugoslavia.” The modern day, once again, is a time of resurgence for Russia from the crippling effects of the 1990s. Being ‘contained’ in various ways is therefore, nothing new. In this outtake, Putin offers a couple of words in relation to the effects of Western sanctions, plummeting oil prices, who is behind it and why.

China is Bringing Down the House! – Dollar Falls Hard As Gold Backed Yuan Hits

Who does Trump want to spend time talking to? The nations with the gold backed currency that is changing the world! Trump doing the right thing to start talks with the top gold/currency brokers. Trump likes gold and not digital, are you buying?




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