Trump Prepares Class Action Lawsuit Against Big Tech Censorship

By Chris Black

If you’re a right winger, you’re probably smiling right now:

If you ask me, it’s all childishness and tiresome at this point. He should have done this while he was president and had power. 

Remember the club we’re not a part of?   Some public figures are more likable than others, some more corrupt on the surface, some speak better, some to eternity but they’re all in the club.  

Trump had his chance to defend free speech in America, and did nothing while he was president.

Let me refresh your memory: back in May, Gab founder Andrew Torba told TruNews’ Lauren Witzke that after Trump was banned from Twitter, Gab was contacted by Trump’s team.


According to Torba, he was told that Trump might be interested in posting on the free speech site, but that Jared Kushner had some demands, including that Gab ban all criticism of both Israel and jews generally.

This week, Torba’s claims appear to have been confirmed when Donald Trump announced that he had signed up for the alternative video-hosting website Rumble – and Rumble changed its terms of service (ToS) to explicitly ban criticism of the jews.

Is this how a defender of free speech would act?

On Sunday, Torba posted on Gab screenshots of the Rumble ToS from before and after June 6, showing that “anti-Semitism” is now mentioned as a bannable offense. 

If you ask me, all this theatre is just a revenue generator for Donald Trump. It’s always the fucking dollar, to quote Joe Pesci in Casino, one of the greatest mob movies in history.

The point is, if Facebook and others don’t pay out, it all goes to discovery, and that means Zuckerberg and friends get a rectal exam like no other .

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So, they’ll most probably settle out of court and nothing will change.

 Moreover, we all know the justice system is completely rigged, so what’s the point anyway? That’s an easy one:  it’s free promotion, and Trump overtly marks his enemies for his new campaign narrative.

Here’s a bitter red pill for my regular readers, if I have one: 

Had Trump TRULY cared about Freedom of Speech, then he would have pardoned Julian ASSANGE! 

One stroke of the pen during his last days in office, and he would have had Libtards and NeoLibs fuming for years to come….yet again, Trump did NOTHING! 

“They’re good people” – Donald Trump talking about the Clintons 


PS: did you see this?

National File:

Democrat President Joe Biden raised eyebrows this week after photographs revealed that he knelt before the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and his chief-of-staff, “ultra-Orthodox” Rabbi Rebecca Ravitz. According to Israeli media, Biden then offered his “unquestionable commitment to Israel’s self-defense,” and promised that his commitment to Israel is “known and engraved in the rock.”

Do you have any doubts about who rules over you? 

By the way – that tweet is from July 2. But no English media outlet took the time to translate it until this week. That was National File, which is a right-wing publication.


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