TRUMP – “She Has Torn This Country Apart”

She Has Torn This Country Apart” – Trump Declines Invitation to St. Patrick’s Day Lunch with Scorching Letter to Crazed Speaker Pelosi

President Donald Trump slammed and snubbed Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday with an announcement he won’t attend the annual St. Patrick’s Day lunch in the Capitol this Thursday.

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It’s the first time a president has skipped the traditional, non-partisan luncheon since George W. Bush missed it in 2003, shortly before the United States invaded Iraq.

The luncheon – formally called the Friends of Ireland Luncheon – is hosted by the Speaker of the House, who is Pelosi, and honors the taoiseach of Ireland.

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Leo Varadkar, the current taoiseach of Ireland, is traveling to attend it, as Irish leaders do every year.