Trump Spells Out His Stance On Several Gun Control, School Safety Laws

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James Barrett for the Daily Wire reports, As the debate ratchets up over how to improve school safety and best move forward with gun control policies that are actually effective while still protecting Americans’ Second Amendment rights, President Trump has weighed in several times on the issue, including making some off-hand comments about due process that set off alarms among Second Amendment advocates but then quieting most of those fears by emphasizing his “respect” for the Second Amendment.
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2 thoughts on “Trump Spells Out His Stance On Several Gun Control, School Safety Laws

  1. Trump’s flip flops on almost every issue that got him elected just highlights that no candidate for office who is truly a patriot with concern for the rights of the people has any chance of taking office and upholding those rights against the neo-Bolshevik tide engulfing America.

  2. the only way to improve school safety is to stop having false flags at schools. if the FBI wants to be believed with their scripted nonsense. have shooters go to the capital,or congress or those leeches homes and hold them hostage. the school nonsense is old and redundant.

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