Trump Support Appears to Skyrocket in Battleground and Matchup Polling… Surges With 150 Times More Negative News Coverage than Current Challenger

Vote in person. A landslide that is visible election night is important to overcome the mail-in ballot fraud.

Sounds like rationale people don’t believe the chattering of the Fake News anymore.


DNC Night One — I Think the Democrats Want Trump to Win. “A series of individually recorded remote speeches gave it a ‘Gee we’re sorry we can’t be there for your 90th birthday, Uncle Joe,’ vibe. That’s perfectly fine when it’s Uncle Joe’s 90th birthday but it’s not as fun if it’s Uncle Joe’s 90th attempt at becoming President of the United States. And Uncle Joe isn’t even at his own party to watch because he’s in the basement.”

UPDATE: St. Louis couple who drew guns on protesters to support Trump at RNC.

WELL, TO BE FAIR, TRUMP IS CAPABLE OF COMPLETING A SENTENCE. Clammed up: Trump takes 700% more questions than Biden in one month.

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