Trump Surprise Visit on Fox About OIG/FBI Report that Shows Corruption at the Top

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by Thinker

4-min video: Ben Swann – “4 Things You Need To Know About the OIG/FBI Report”

Four Things You Need To Know About the OIG FBI Report…
1. Comey Was Insubordinate
2. FBI Agent Was Willing to Influence Election
3. Five FBI Employees Referred For Investigation
4. FBI Leaks and Gifts From Media We break down some of the most important details from the report in this Reality Check.

Trump calling for “TRUTH” & “INTEGRITY” from “ALL” staff members or your “OUT!”

When is anyone going to understand, that Donald Trump won because “Divine” intervention!

Trump president, in a surprise appearance on ‘Fox & Friends’ on the White House lawn, reacts to the IG report’s accusations against former FBI Director Comey, new China tariffs, his relationship with G7 leaders, immigration, Mueller’s Russia investigation, North Korea and more. Trump is telling the TRUTH and he said he is going to continue to drain the swam and the some at the top who deliberately and recorded their efforts to dethrone Trump in elections. Trump expresses his shock at the report showing collusion and corruption by past Obama/Clinton administration to put Hillary in the White House.

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Trump; “They got away with it for so long!”

Trump said; “I have a tremendous power for pardon.” Please send the president your letters or post cards asking to pardon and immediate release of Veteran/Former FBI Agent Richard Taus who has been locked away in the Clinton Federal Penitentiary to prevent his testimony and reports of the most corrupt drug dealing politicians in the U.S. The testimony of agent Taus can take back much of the money that has been stolen from the people. Taus was one of the few in the FBI who lived up to his oath to the people and when he tried to protect them, he was locked away. May God have mercy on the men/women who did this to protect the wealth they have stolen from the people.

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Richard Taus Ex-FBI Agent Phone Interview From New York Prison 5/6/18

Let Richard Taus know what you think about his actions. Send a care package, send him a check to put into his prison bank account, just a card with a beautiful picture. Support the man who only told the truth and was punished for it. Freedom starts with Taus…

Richard Taus 91A1040 – Arrest Date: 02/14/1991
Clinton Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 2001
Dannemora, New York 12929
Born: 12/29/1943

FBI Agent Who Can Back Up All The Claims of Corruption in CIA/FBI


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