Trump & Syria

by Chris

The US has completely lost it’s own battle against the military industrial complex (MIC) and that can be seen in the complete horror and disbelief that Trump might decide, all on his own, to end an illegal and unrequested occupation of another country.

Why illegal?  Because the UN charter to which the US is a signatory requires a security council approval before attacking or occupying another country.  None exists (Russia would have vetoed it, obviously).

Neither does the US have any specific congressional approval so it’s not even strictly legal domestically speaking.

So-called progressives are going nuts with this action, and Googling “Trump Syria” returns this horrifying list of results:

Look at those loaded, emotional, leading, hyperbolic words.

“Unwise” from The Atlantic.

“Illegal” from the NYTimes

“Discards advice from allies, officials” from CNN

“Already gave Syria to Putin” from the WaPo.  Speaking of which, since when was Syria’s the US’s to give?  That this even needs to be said….withers me.


Not a single one of these news outlets questioned why the US was in Syria in the first place, its role in creating and maintaining ISIS and the White Helmets, nor the fact that the US was there illegally throughout.

It must be said; the US is now an out-of-control, dangerous presence in the world that does not honor treaties or charters, operates illegally whenever necessary while strictly enforcing arcane rules on others (e.g. Huawei arrest), and waging war on anybody and everybody as it suits them (e.g. financial war on Russia and Iran, kinetic war on Yemen for some unexplained reason, etc and so forth).

But according to the MSM, the country is united in its disgust that Trump single-handedly decided to pull a few thousand troops out of a quamire.  The US is a war nation!  We can all agree on that, right??

READ  Former President Trump fell nearly 300 spots on the Forbes billionaires list after his fortune decreased by more than $1 billion during his four years in office.

Meanwhile the left is supposedly deeply upset that immigrants cannot enter the country illegally, which no other country on earth allows either, while also remaining steadfastly silent on the dismal fact that the US cannot even attend to its own homeless vets and mentally ill.

Why the plight of an economic migrant from El Slavador factors10x higher on some people’s empathy meter than a homeless US vet, or Detroit’s poisonous water, passes me by.

This weirdness is trundling towards civil war I fear, as the gulf between the divided groups grows ever larger.  I must stress, that the gulf, in my view, is 99.44% the creation of an active program of divide and conquer being run by and through the MSM.

In other words – don’t fall for it!  Don’t be a rat in a cage!!  Think for yourself.



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