Trump Targeting Deep State Business Interests

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El Chappo just recently at a sentence hearing started naming some names of very prominent politicians that were on the take and that he had personally paid them off millions of dollars in bribes. He named Mafia Princess Poligrip Pelosi, Shiff, and others. All of these Deep State criminal Politicians are in the Cartels pockets. Will anything become of it and will any indictments happen to these criminals. At this point of time I can only say time will tell. But if it’s like what the last 2.5 years have been on all of us waiting for Hillary to be arrested and indicted for her Treasons then I suppose nothing will ever happen. But if El Chappo is telling the truth, then that explains why the Lunatic Left is so dead set against the wall being built as it would cut the profits off they are making from looking the other way concerning Child sex trafficking, Drugs, Human trafficking, Gun running, etc…etc…etc…And no wonder all these Politicians are so wealthy. They forget that they are not Politicians to become rich, but they are suppose to be Politicians to serve the people.

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