Trump To Use Executive Order To Allocate More Funds To Wall, Avoiding Shutdown

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Update: In an interesting twist, it looks like Trump has decided on a middle path that will allow him to keep the government open while getting more of his border wall built than Congress had initially authorized.

According to WaPo, Trump will use an executive order to reallocate federal funds to finance the wall – or at least something more than the 55 miles that the compromise bill would finance.

Robert Costa
A White House official told The Post this morn that President Trump sees signing the border deal, if passed by Congress, as the way to avoid another shutdown. But, he would also likely pursue an executive order to reallocate federal funds to barrier projects, the official said.

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A White House spokesman quoted by Fox reportedly insisted that Trump has “alternative options” for his border wall deal. Assuming he follows through with the plan, it looks like Trump finally got everything he wanted out of the border deal – the next step of the wall will be built, and the government will remain open.

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