Trump Tweets: Preparing Us For Inevitable Arrests & Prison?

by Thinker

My friends we may see justice soon. Emily Birnbaum for the Hill reports, President Trump on Wednesday morning shared an image calling for his opponents to face trial for “treason,” with many of them behind bars.


“You Are Just A TV Guy!” Fmr. Security Agent Dan Bongino SHUTS UP CNN’s Don Lemon In Crazily HEATED Argument

Thank God Trump was telling the American people the “TRUTH” and “Divine” intervention took over. How long will the mainstream media continue bashing the president and not reporting the “REAL” news the people want to hear???

Dan Bongino – Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History…WORTH YOUR LISTEN!!!

Donald Trump has inspired the men and women with honor who want the world to know the “TRUTH,” and what is going on with the the smear campaign on the 45th president of the United States Donald Trump. Even before he was elected, Trump has had to defend his honor and that of his family. After he was elected the attacks continued by those who still are having a hard time, that Hillary Clinton didn’t win. Those who thought the free ride and corruption was never going to end, and many who thought Clinton was sure of the win are the ones who fear the Trump “Drain the Swamp” campaign even more.

Veterans, Americans, even the young ones are waking up to the lies of the past, and the promised for a better future by Donald Trump. Corruption is being exposed and those who have conspired against the POTUS and the people of the United States, are going to be arrested. Fake news, fake shootings, and the lies about Donald Trump and staff are getting old and more and more Americans are waking up to the “TRUTH.”