Trump Wastes Federal Resources (Investigators, Court, Prison, Etc) To Go After Two ‘Anarchists’ Who Threw Paint On A Statue: What Ever Happened To ‘Lock Her UP’?

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(by Half Dollar) It looks like we finally know who all the prison cells in GITMO are for.

The “Anarchists”.

Oh yeah.

They’re comin’ for you!

Because President Trump is all Swamp, no Patriot.

Or, as I like to try to get people to understand: Trump is a Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing.

And today, he’s announced that he’s going after the little guys!

Indeed, here’s an update on the nationalization of the US Police State, from just this morning:

Throw the Anarchists in GITMO!

Speaking of GITMO, what ever happened to the 498,563 sealed indictments?

The mass arrests?

The military tribunals?

Or “lock her up”?

Anybody remember that?

Here’s the thing: Trump’s an actor and a salesman.

He’s ACTING like he’s doing good things for the US, but he’s SELLING what’s left of the US down the river.

And when it comes to the Demon in an Old Hag’s Body, Trump was only acting:

Dang shame.

Here’s the thing: People who think Trump is playing 4-D chess are one of two things: Content Creators on YouTube who are arguably WORSE than the MSM Propagandists because they’re lying to the people, giving them false hope based on nothing more than a pure lie, or, people who think Trump’s playing 4-D chess are sheeple.

Take your pick.


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