Trump’s Approval Climbs Despite 92% Neg Coverage

Synopsis: Despite a growing list of accomplishments, including what appears to be putting an end to the Korean war, the media continues to bash President Trump.
For example, yesterday’s headline in the New York Times bashed newly-minted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo because he was away from Washington when President Trump made his historic announcement that he was pulling out of the Iran Nuke deal:
“At key moment, Trump’s Top Diplomat is Again Thousands of Miles Away”
However, little did the Times know that only hours later, the White House announced where our covert world traveler, Sec. Pompeo was – nailing down the site of the coming meeting between the President and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, and freeing three long held American prisoners.
This just the latest example of what has been an ongoing negative drumbeat from the MSM – except for Fox News – that has gone on unrelenting for the first 16 months of the Trump presidency.
However, despite the overwhelmingly negative coverage of Trump’s achievements by the MSM, Trump’s approval numbers have inexplicably continued to increase.

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